Erebor's ambassador to Esgaroth


Glóin favours white garments, or brightly coloured ones trimmed with white, matching the colour of his forked beard.


The skill of most Dwarves, it is said, lies in their hands, whether they are wielding tools or weapons. While Glóin is a veteran of a great many battles, and can swing an axe with the best of them, his truest tool and weapon is his tongue. Since the Battle of Five Armies, Glóin has swiftly become one of the most favoured of Dáin’s envoys. He is trusted to advance the interests of the Lonely Mountain in such a way as to make Erebor’s position clear, while not unduly upsetting allies. A trying position, but Glóin does it with grace, even on the rare occasions when he has to deal with Wood Elves, who he regards poorly.

Glóin serves as the Kingdom under the Mountain’s main ambassador to Esgaroth. He has a well-appointed mansion in Lake-town where he spends several weeks a year, working on a wide variety of trade issues with the Men of the Lake. His valiant son Gimli regularly accompanies him on his journeys on Erebor’s behalf. Glóin is exceedingly well-spoken and generally kindly to all (save Wood Elves). At all times, he considers himself a representative of King Dáin and bears himself accordingly.


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